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Property Sales

If you are in the process of selling your property, we hope that the following summary will give you a brief insight into what happens behind the scenes – from a legal point of view.


Steps To Take

We will ask you to complete one or two forms from the outset which will help to avoid any delays later on.

 As soon as a buyer has been found, we will then be in a position to issue a draft contract to the solicitors concerned.

 The buyer’s solicitors will investigate title and raise enquiries, as appropriate.

 We will, at that point, make arrangements with you to sign the sale contract, in readiness for exchange, to avoid any delays later on.

 We will keep you updated about progress and advise you of anything likely to cause a delay.

As soon as the buyer’s solicitor has completed his/her investigation of title, has received a satisfactory response to all searches and enquiries and his/her client’s mortgage offer (if any), the buyer will be asked to sign the contract and provide deposit funds.

 A completion date is agreed on and exchange takes place.

 You will now be in a position to confirm your removals.

 On receipt of the sale monies on completion. we will: (i) inform the agents that the keys can be released to the buyers; (ii) redeem your existing mortgage (if any); (iii) settle your agent’s commission (if you agree); (iv) arrange for payment of all other legal fees and costs.

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