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The ‘Green Deal’ – is a new government initiative, reducing carbon emissions.

The ‘Green Deal’ – is a new government initiative, reducing carbon emissions. - 27/11/2012

Environment News - The 'Green Deal'

The Green Deal is a new Government initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Much of the detail of the scheme is still emerging as consultations continue and as legislation is introduced.

The proposal allows property owners to pay for energy improvement measures with no upfront costs. The idea is that ‘approved installers’ will install the appropriate energy enhancing measures, for example insulation, double glazing etc at their cost. The property owner will then repay the cost over many years through the savings in their reduced energy requirements.

It means that rather than having to dip into their savings or take out loans to install the energy saving measures, there will be another option available.

The works that are eligible for the Green Deal include most aspects of property improvement that might enhance energy savings. The most popular improvements are likely to be cavity wall insulation, solar panels, hot water systems, insulation, replacement double glazing and lighting systems, although there are many more items covered.

It is likely that there will be new regulated advisers who will assess the suitability of properties for the installation works and there will also be a number of ‘approved installers’ to carry out the work. For further information visit www.decc.gov.uk

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